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It has happened a quarter of century since in Gil and the Rosi they decided to leave everything to dedicate oneself to the restoration. The beginnings were very hard. The one that in a beginning to their friends and relatives seemed a madness to them became a success, which it attains 35 years.

Into the little of opening the restaurant it entered to work with Josep and the Toñi (sister of the owner) that they still continue in staff.

The speciality him the "Mariscada Gil's", a dish that keeps from the first day that this establishment was opened. All the fish and shellfish is cooked in the iron, him because of that that if of something tea that to boast this establishment him of theirs you of the iron, in the that they are specialized.

On the fringe of every this in the "Marisqueria Gil's" Mario who is of a type of more current|up-to-date cooking that reveals us dishes like the foie mi-cuit in charge was also incorporated, the mousse of being escalivada with anchovies of the Escala...

Also we have an extensive card of dessert for the month sweet-toothed, of which the Sònia, daughter of the owners, who already went round for the restaurant is looked from well small, when her parents opened.

Gil and Rosi have achieved to convert theirs restaurant in a meeting point for the lovers of the shellfish and the fish, transmitent this passion of the things well made to their daughter Sonia and to their son-in-law Mario that times bring following the same star, attempting to improve day on day and that they have the trajectory of intention of continuing achieved in this establishment.