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sea snails
boiled prawns
our mussels
razor clams
Norway lobsters
spiny lobster with green sauce

Notice: We reserve the right to modify the gender of the seafood for market causes.


Cold starters

 Tuna belly salad
 Salad of endives with fresh anchovies
Iberian ham "Joselito"
Salt-cured foie gras (own elaboration)
Tuna belly salad
Salad of endives with fresh anchovies
White asparaguses
Anchovies from "l'Escala"
Shrimps salad
Sea snails
Oysters (depending on period)
Sea urchins (depending on period)
Boiled prawns (Mediterranean sea)
Alive clams
Monkfish and prawn cake
Salmon and mascarpone mousse
Escalivada (grilled vegetables) mousse with anchovies (only in summer)



Warm starters

Grilled green asparaguses
 Our mussels
Grilled clams
Grilled razor clams
Grilled calamari
Grilled small squids
Grilled small calamari
Octopus to the Galician style
Shrimps of Palamós or Roses
Norway lobsters (grilled or Catalan style)
Garlic prawns
Fish and shellfish soup (only in winter)
Variegated scallops
Shell (mussels, clams, razor clams and scallop)
Shellfish entrée (sea snails, boiled prawns, mussels, clams, razor clams and scallop)




Grilled sole
Fresh cod fillet
Fresh cod fillet with garlic prawns
Grilled turbot or rhombus
Grilled monkfish
Monkfish with garlic prawns
Grilled hake trunk
Hake trunk with garlic prawns
Grilled cod cheeks
Cod cheeks with garlic prawns
Grilled fish flake
Fish flake with garlic prawns
Grilled swordfish fillet
Fillet or tuna belly grilled (soy and wasabi option)


Other plates

End of seafood (shrimps, Norway lobsters and spiny lobster)
Sea cucumbers
Spiny lobster with green sauce
Frog legs
Fish and shellfish barbecue (on request)
Black Angus beef ribeye

Product suitable for celiac
Plate that can be prepared without gluten

We also have gluten-free bread