Hello, we are a family establishment that we dedicate mainly in the fish and in the shellfish.

From 1983 we are in its service, we have customers and friends of many years ago, and we wish to make new.
Our speciality him the Mariscada Gil's, but apart from this we have an extensive menu in where sure that they will find that more that they feel it like.
We expect that they come to our home and they feel headquarters as a home.

Our timetable on duty him:
Of Tuesday on Sunday at noon (13:00 in 17:00) and Friday and Saturday to the evening (21:00 in 00:30).
We close for holidays the three first weeks of January and the two first weeks of September.

If you want to surprise somebody with a different gift you can give a lunch or dinner, bone we make it easy, you call and you. we will brief, you ask for gift checks, we make from menus in card..